Warren Buffett: Top Five Holdings

The legendary investor and Berkshire Hathaway CEO, Warren Buffett, is known worldwide for his investment success. Buffett based his wealth compounding techniques on Benjamin Graham’s philosophy of value investing, which determines a company’s growth potential on intrinsic value, rather than its speculative price.

Violent FORCES – This is a MUST-READ!

It’s very common for nearly everyone to experience a nightmare of yourself being swept away in a wild river current and then being dumped over a Niagara-type fall. It’s depicted in countless movies, and it gets planted in our heads from an early age.

Banking CRISIS: Locked Out!

The Federal Government still considers marijuana to be a dangerous, illegal drug. And though it’s slowly changing, banks are taking their cues for the Federal Government leaving companies wanting to capitalize on the developing cannabis train starving for access to cash in many cases.