The global war on cash is accelerating. The only way to protect yourself is to be out of the system and educated. The rise of digital currency is a true threat to the current banking establishment and the savvy investors are capitalizing on this trend.

Bitcion & Digital Currency


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Part 1 Bitcoin Report – Sneak Peak

How did digital currency become worth $7 Billion? Well that’s what we’ll take you through in Part 1 of this report.

Bitcoin, the p2p software design for the most successful digital currency is 5 years old. The origin document describing its design was released to the internet under someone of the moniker ‘Satoshi Nakamoto.’ This ‘white paper’ was released in 2008.

The software itself was released in 2009 and a little over a year after that a man bought two Pizzas, the first recorded real-world transaction with bitcoin. The rest is history. In late 2009 a bitcoin forum was created. On this forum, ( a member requested to purchase of these pizzas for bitcoin…

In this report we will go into more detail on the history of digital currencies. We’ll explain how bitcoin solved all the major problems its predecessors had. Also discussed is the politics involved, why you should use bitcoin, how to make money investing in this new technology space, and the basics of how to use it safely.